Frequently Asked Questions
How long are classes?

Classes range in time from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on subject and level.  Most classes are one hour in length, with the exception of lyrical class (45 minutes) and advanced level ballet classes (75 minutes).

If I register for more than one class, will I have to come more than one day a week?

It depends on how many classes you register for.  Most tap and jazz classes are back to back on the same day, with ballet being on a separate day.  Remember that, although convenient for driving, 3 hours of dance in one day is very hard on a child, after attending school all day!  

How long is a dance year?

10 months.  Classes run in conjunction with the school year (September - June).

Are there performance opportunities?

We hold an annual spring show in June for all High Performance students.  If you are interested in more performance opportunities and are registered in tap, jazz and ballet classes, the Dance Team may be of interest to you.  Talk to your teacher for more information about the Dance Team.

Do I have to buy a costume for the show?

Yes, we do require costumes for each class.  Fundraisers are made available throughout the year to pay for your costumes.  Many students do not pay anything for their costumes after fundraising!!   Costumes are purchased brand new each year so there are no pre-used costumes and they are yours to keep after the show!

"Miss Lisa - How many one more times do we have to do this?" (7 year old Kacie)

"Miss Lisa - When I get older and become a dance teacher, can I borrow your CDs?"  (8 year old Samantha)

Kali:  "When I lost my first tooth, I got 20 bucks!! 
Natalie:  "Wow, imagine if it was $1,000.00 - you could buy a house!"

"Miss Lisa - Do you have a job?"  ( 8 year old Taylor)

"When I get older, I'm going to win an Oscar for inventing Dance" (11 year old Ashley)

Scenerio - Classes were cancelled due to a snow day for a make-up class was available.  4 year old Brianne came to the make-up class and about 10 minutes into the class, raises her hand and asks "When are we going to put on make-up?"

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