TAP - Beginner through Advanced Levels.  Form of dance highly concentrated on development of clean sounds and fast footwork.  Classes stress technique and vocabulary.   Dance pants and tank tops are allowed for this class.

JAZZ - Beginner through Advanced Levels.  Concentration on Isolations, Flexibility and Strength exercises.  Center warm-up, across the floor progressions and center combinations can be expected in all jazz classes.  Jazz classes develop strong technique, while allowing freedom of individual expression.  Leotards required - dance pants allowed.

CLASSICAL BALLET - Beginner through Advanced Levels.  Classes based on strong technique and proper placement; working at the barre, center adagio and allegro and across the floor.  Ballet classes are designed to develop strength, poise and grace.  Black Leotard and Pink Tights required.  

POINTE - Pointe work is only allowed through teacher recommendation.  A minimum of three years of serious ballet training and a minimum age of 11 years old are requirements which must be met before consideration for pointe training.  Three ballet classes per week are required for students qualifying for pointe.  Although young girls are always anxious to dance on pointe, it is very important that pointe work is never rushed into, for risk of serious injury.

LYRICAL - Beginner through Advanced Levels.  Form of dance incorporating ballet, jazz & modern technique while expressing the mood and lyric of the music.  All lyrical students must be enrolled in at least one jazz and two ballet classes.  Black leotard and pink tights required.

HIP-HOP - Beginner through Advanced Levels.  A high energy class that infuses street styles, breakdance, popping and locking.  Street clothes and sneakers allowed.

KINDERDANCE - Ages 3-4.  Combination of pre-tap, pre-ballet and creative movement.  Kinderdance classes are fun-based classes combining development of social awareness and interaction with physical fitness.  *Must be potty trained*

KINDERNASTICS - Ages 3-5.  A fun intro to acrobatics with a focus on balance, strength, flexibility and tumbling while having a blast in an age-appropriate setting.  We follow and are certified in Acrobatic Arts Preschool Syllabus.

PRIMARY TAP/JAZZ COMBO - Two levels for ages 5 & 6.  Next step from Kinderdance.  A combination of tap, jazz and pre-ballet.

HIPPITY-HOP - Ages 6-8.  A fun introduction to hip-hop. 

ACRODANCE/TUMBLING -Beginner through advanced levels.  Focus on strength and flexibility as well as elements of ballet, jazz and lyrical dance.  AcroDance/tumbling classes provide a great balance between dance and gymnastics.  We follow Acrobatic Arts syllabus and are certified through Acrobatic Arts to teach AcroDance.

DANCE TEAM - Our dance team is available for the more serious student who would like to advance their skills and participate in more performances and competition.  Dancers must be at least 10 years of age and have 3 years of dance training.  To qualify for team, dancers must take all of the required classes for team for at least one year before joining.  Required classes include tap, jazz, 2 ballet, hip-hop and lyrical.  Once on team, dancers are required to continue the above classes, in addition to a weekly team rehearsal, an extra weekly tap technique class and stretch/strengthening class. 
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