What our students and parents have to say about
 High Performance Dance Center
"High Performance Dance Center offers a variety of dance lessons and most importantly, the kids/adults have fun while learning!" - Gigi Edwards, mother of Ashley

"Dancing is a 7 letter word that has brought another 7 letter word into my daughters life - FRIENDS!" - Teri Salvatore, mother of Jenna

"My daughter has been with High Performance for five years.  The variety of routines each year is phenomenol!  Lisa & Caitlin put alot of thought into the routines and it shows each year in the polished performances each child does at recital.  They work hard to make all the children shine.  THANKS - Lisa, Caitlin & Diane!"  - Christine Ney, mother of Saije

"We love HPDC and would never go anywhere else.  Need we say more?!"  - Toni Javarone, mother of Kirsten

"Melina absolutely loves to come to dance - she is always so excited to go and she tells everyone what she does at dance class.  It has been a wonderful experience for her."  - Judy Conrow, mother of Melina
We love dancing at High Performance Dance Center! - Julia, Morgan & Julia

High Performance Dance Center
"Turning Dreams Into Reality"